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Do I Need A Traffic Attorney?

Maybe not.  It may be better to handle the ticket "in pro per". The Law Office of Anthony Janji offers free consultation for you, so you may decide what is best for your situation.  We are in the business of helping people.  If there is not benefit we can offer, we will let you know.

Why Do I Need A Traffic Specialist?

Most traffic courts are in special departments and the law is very different from other areas.  Would you rather hire an attorney who will "see what they can do" or would you prefer a specialist who deals in traffic defense and knows the ins and outs of not only the traffic codes, but the possible resolution of your case.

Why Fight A Point?

Call your insurance agent.  Auto insurance rates are based partly on your DMV point count.  Insurance companies regularly check their customers driving records and can increase insurance premiums if they find a ticket.  Also, employers can refuse to hire persons with points.

Why Shouldn't I Just Pay The Fine?

Paying the fine means the ticket will be on your record for the NEXT THREE YEARS!

Can The Law Office Of Anthony Janji Help Commercial Drivers?

Absolutely!  The Law Office of Anthony Janji knows how important a clear record for those who drive professionally.  By California law, CDL (Commercial Driver License) holders cannot receive traffic school for their traffic ticket.  Even tickets received when operating a private vehicle count against your CDL.  The Law Office of Anthony Janji will schedule your case for trial and do everything to prevent that ticket from getting on your record.